bad file descriptor - heroku foreman

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I fixed this problem by running the following:

gem uninstall foreman
gem install foreman - v 0.61 .0[EDIT]

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I fixed this problem by running the following:

I fixed this problem by running the following:

gem uninstall foremangem install foreman - v 0.61 .0[EDIT]

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Firstly the command wasn't found at all and I got the following error:

is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

After some digging around I found out this is due to a bug with this version (0.63, and also 0.62) of foreman on windows 7, so to get around it you need to go back to version 0.61 by uninstalling foreman and installing the older version:

gem uninstall foreman
gem install foreman - v 0.61

After that everything was peachy and I was able to get the sample 'hello world' app running on my machine.

C: \Projects\ HerokuSample > foreman start
13: 13: 10 web .1 | started with pid 6512
13: 13: 10 web .1 | Listening on 5000

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I'm following the heroku tutorial for Heroku/Facebook integration (but I suspect this issue has nothing to do with facebook integration) and I got stuck on the stage where I was supposed to start foreman (I've installed the Heroku installbelt for windows, which includes foreman):,Foreman Start Fails On Windows Following Heroku Tutorial,Since I'm a complete noob in this I'm not sure if my question here is a duplicate for Error on 'foreman start' while following the Python/Flask Heroku tutorial (because it's not quite the same error). If so, does anyone have a method for deploying a development environment on windows (for Heruko, Python, Facebook app)? Or should I use Ubuntu for this?, 5 days ago Início do Foreman falha no Windows seguindo o tutorial Heroku - facebook, heroku, foreman Estou seguindo o tutorial heroku paraIntegração Heroku / Facebook (mas suspeito que esse problema não tenha nada a ver com a integração com o Facebook) e fiquei preso no palco em que deveria iniciar o foreman (instalei o cinto de instalação Heroku ...

> foreman start
> foreman start
C: /RailsInstaller/Ruby1
.8 .7 / lib / ruby / site_ruby / 1.8 / rubygems / dependency.rb: 247: in `to_specs': Could not find foreman (>= 0) amongst [POpen4-0.1.4, Platform-0.4.0, ZenTest-4.6.2, abstract-1.0.0, actionm ailer-3.0.11, actionmailer-3.0.9, actionpack-3.0.11, actionpack-3.0.9, activemodel-3.0.11, activemodel-3.0.9, activerecord-3.0.11, activerecord-3.0.9, activerecord-sqlserver-adapter-3.0.15, activereso urce-3.0.11, activeresource-3.0.9, activesupport-3.0.11, activesupport-3.0.9, addressable-2.2.6, annotate-2.4.0, arel-2.0.10, autotest-4.4.6, autotest-growl-0.2.16, autotest-rails-pure-4.1.2, autotest -standalone-4.5.8, builder-2.1.2, bundler-1.0.15, diff-lcs-1.1.3, erubis-2.6.6, factory_girl-1.3.3, factory_girl_rails-1.0, faker-0.3.1, gravatar_image_tag-1.0.0.pre2, heroku-2.14.0, i18n-0.5.0, json- 1.6.1, launchy-2.0.5, mail-2.2.19, mime-types-1.17.2, mime-types-1.16, nokogiri-1.5.0-x86-mingw32, open4-1.1.0, pg-0.11.0-x86-mingw32, polyglot-0.3.3, polyglot-0.3.1, rack-1.2.4, rack-1.2.3, rack-moun t-0.6.14, rack-test-0.5.7, rails-3.0.11, rails-3.0.9, railties-3.0.11, railties-3.0.9, rake-, rake-0.8.7, rb-readline-0.4.0, rdoc-3.11, rdoc-3.8, rest-client-1.6.7, rspec-2.6.0, rspec-core-2.6. 4, rspec-expectations-2.6.0, rspec-mocks-2.6.0, rspec-rails-2.6.1, rubygems-update-1.8.11, rubyzip-0.9.4, rubyzip2-2.0.1, spork-0.9.0.rc8-x86-mingw32, sqlite3-1.3.3-x86-mingw32, sqlite3-ruby-1.3.3, te rm-ansicolor-1.0.7, thor-0.14.6, tiny_tds-0.4.5-x86-mingw32, treetop-1.4.10, treetop-1.4.9, tzinfo-0.3.31, tzinfo-0.3.29, webrat-0.7.1, will_paginate-3.0.pre2, win32-api-1.4.8-x86-mingw32, win32-open3 -0.3.2-x86-mingw32, win32-process-0.6.5, windows-api-0.4.0, windows-pr-1.2.1, zip-2.0.2] (Gem::LoadError)  from C:/RailsInstaller/Ruby1.8.7/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems/dependency.rb:256:in `
to_spec '  from C:/RailsInstaller/Ruby1.8.7/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems.rb:1210:in `gem'
from C: /Program Files (x86)/ruby - 1.9 .3 / bin / foreman: 18
gem install foreman gem install taps
18: 23: 52 web .1 | started with pid 7212 18: 23: 54 web .1 | * Running on http: // 18:23:54 web.1  |  * Restarting with reloader