how do i upgrade python 2.7.8 to 2.7.9 in anaconda without conflicting other components in its environment?

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To update the python interpreter in your default environment, all you have to do is executing the command below from command line:

conda update python

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Activate and use the Python 2 environment. Windows: activate py2 macOS, Linux: conda activate py2 ,Deactivate the Python 3 environment. Windows: deactivate macOS, Linux: conda deactivate ,Activate and use the Python 3 environment. Windows: activate py3 macOS, Linux: conda activate py3 Use the py3 environment to install and run programs as desired. When finished, deactivate the environment ,Create a new environment named py3, install Python 3.5: conda create --name py3 python=3.5 Now you have two environments with which to work. You can install packages and run programs as desired in either one.

conda create--name py2 python = 2.7
conda create--name py3 python = 3.5
activate py2
conda activate py2
conda deactivate

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Conda treats Python the same as any other package, so it is easy to manage and update multiple installations.,If you are in an environment with Python version 3.4.2, the following command updates Python to the latest version in the 3.4 branch:,To list only the packages whose full name is exactly python, add the --full-name option. In your terminal window or an Anaconda Prompt, run:,Replace py39 with the name of the environment you want to create. anaconda is the metapackage that includes all of the Python packages comprising the Anaconda distribution. python=3.9 is the package and version you want to install in this new environment. This could be any package, such as numpy=1.19, or multiple packages.

conda search python
conda search--full - name python
conda create - n py39 python = 3.9 anaconda
conda config--add channels conda - forge
conda config--set channel_priority strict
conda create - n pypy pypy
conda activate pypy
conda update python