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You should try specifying your argument to split() instead of just using the default, which is all whitespace characters. You could have it initially split on all whitespace except \t. Try this:

white_str = list(string.whitespace) # string.whitespace contains all whitespace.
white_str.remove("\t") # Remove\ t
white_str = ''.join(white_str) # New whitespace string, without\ t

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Note that tabs and spaces are both treated as whitespace, but they are not equal: the lines "  hello" and "\thello" are considered to have no common leading whitespace.,(default: True) If true, then all tab characters in text will be expanded to spaces using the expandtabs() method of text.,(default: 8) If expand_tabs is true, then all tab characters in text will be expanded to zero or more spaces, depending on the current column and the given tab size.,(default: ' [...]') String that will appear at the end of the output text if it has been truncated.

"\n".join(wrap(text, ...))
>>> textwrap.shorten("Hello  world!", width = 12)
'Hello world!' >>>
textwrap.shorten("Hello  world!", width = 11)
'Hello [...]' >>>
textwrap.shorten("Hello world", width = 10, placeholder = "...")
def test():
   # end first line with\ to avoid the empty line!
   s = ''
print(repr(s)) # prints '    hello\n      world\n    '
print(repr(dedent(s))) # prints 'hello\n  world\n'
>>> s = 'hello\n\n \nworld' >>>
   indent(s, '  ')
'  hello\n\n \n  world'
>>> print(indent(s, '+ ', lambda line: True)) +
   hello +
wrapper = TextWrapper(initial_indent = "* ")

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Characters that are used for spacing are called whitespace characters. For example: tabs, spaces, newline, etc.,The isspace() method returns True if there are only whitespace characters in the string. If not, it return False.,True if all characters in the string are whitespace characters,False if the string is empty or contains at least one non-printable character

The syntax of isspace() is:


Example 1: Working of isspace()

s = '   \t'

s = ' a '

s = ''



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file1 = open("AI.txt", "w")
file1.write("Artificial Intelligence is a method of learning new data.\n Artificial Intelligence covers three types of tasks:\n 1. Mundane Tasks\t 2. Formal Tasks\t 3. Expert Tasks")
file1 = open("AI.txt", "r")
filename = input("Enter the filename: ")
with open(filename) as file:
   text =
count_tab = 0
count_space = 0
count_newline = 0
for char in text:
   if char == '\t':
   count_tab += 1
if char == ' ':
   count_space += 1
if char == '\n':
   count_newline += 1
print("How many Tabs are present in these file? ", count_tab)
print("How many Spaces are present in these file? ", count_space)
print("How many Newlines are present in these file? ", count_newline)

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Last Updated : 12 Aug, 2021,GATE CS 2021 Syllabus

Example 1 

Input: string = 'Geeksforgeeks'
Output: False

Input: string = '\n \n \n'
Output: True

Input: string = 'Geeks\nFor\nGeeks'
Output: False



Given a string in python, count the number of whitespace characters in the string. 

Input: string = 'My name is Ayush'
Output: 3

Input: string = 'My name is \n\n\n\n\nAyush'
Output: 8